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Elopement : a unique experience !

L'elopement (or fuite amoureuse) seduces you ? So this is where it happens.


Are you tempted to marry on the sly ? This practice is attracting more and more newlyweds. In love with atypical projects, we suggest that you photograph yourself in the context that most closely resembles you.

Freed from the time constraints of a traditional wedding, we can, depending on your project, make your photo shoot in the most incredible places there can be. Whether it's an hour's drive from home or a few hours' flight from Paris, anything is possible.

Specializing for many years in adventurous destinations (Faroe Islands, Norway, Iceland, India), we can also help you in your various travel planning.

When is departure ? Extracts...

Anton & Fridunn

Arnold & Elisabeth

Arngrimur & Marie-


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