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15 days 

in paradise

- Faroe Islands -

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March, 15 2019

When I saw for the time Faroe Islands from the porthole, I can't believe that's real.

For me, as much beauty doesn't exist on earth.

But after some secondes, I've realized the view under my eyes was true.

My eyes became suddenly wet. A mix of tired, emotion & incredibility.

How can I imagine one day I'll see this country ? 

That's was my first vision and my first thinking about Faroe Islands.

I'll never forget this vision from paradise. For ever.

Faroe Islands-4.jpg

Once arrived at Sorvagur, I start to breath deeply. My dream come true. 

Reach this archipelago wasn't not so easy. I took a train, three different planes and has been blocked in Amsterdam by a strong wind.


Now, I start to walk outside the airport. Free like a bird but with 20 kilos on my back.

However, I was so happy ! 

At this moment, nothing could have stopped this happiness.

Faroe Islands-8.jpg

I walked till Sandavagur under a fresh & pure air. Light was so clear ! 

How can I explain the strange feeling of being at home just arrived.

I've never been here and that's like I've ever live here.

Faroe Islands-32.jpg

Immediately, I was welcomed by Thomas & Ragna as a member of the family.

Enough to fall in love definitely of Faroe.

Beauty was everywhere, even in the heart of people.

Light was so changing all the time. A paradise for the photographer I try to be.

Faroe Islands BW03.jpg

Even if my body was tired after two days' travel, I decide to reach Traelanipa & Sorvagsvatn. 

My first meet with the Atlantic Ocean.

Waves & the mood impress me a lot.

I was alone, standing in front of the ocean and I feel a very deep looseness.

Here maybe I found my place on this earth.

Faroe Islands-33.jpg

On the way back, the wonder, the fresh wind and the rain was with me. A scroll of magic lights & colors dancing around me.

A rainbow seemed to come out of a well. Is it a sign ? Whatever, what I had experienced in that first day, no one could take it from my memory.

The night fell slowly. From my bedroom, through the window, I heard the wind, the wind who never stop on Faroe, was continue to blow day & night and from this moment, I knew that here I'll never be alone. 

Faroe Islands-347.jpg

The day after, I started to explore the landscape as much as possible. Every day, I walked a lot, climbing the mountain to get the best view. Nature is strong on Faroe and you feel yourself like a very tiny point on the universe. Lucky to be alive here & now.

Faroe Islands-113.jpg
Faroe Islands-213.jpg

Three days later, I reached Klaksvik, capital of the North based on Bordoy. There's no better place to see the impressive island of Kunoy who seem to enter into the town. So close and so big. Climat was completely different. Colder with a strong wind all he time. A storm is announced during my stay. A strong experience for sure. Here like nowhere else, wind blowing with strength. There's nothing to stop it. No tree, no building. Some tornados has growing on the ocean and I should be lying on the floor to take some pictures cause the wind was too loud.

Faroe Islands-284.jpg
Faroe Islands-290.jpg
Faroe Islands-280.jpg
Faroe Islands-273.jpg
Faroe Islands-194.jpg
Faroe Islands-190.jpg

During two weeks, without a car, I should walked 20 kilometers a day, climbed the mountain or crossed tunnels. Completely free and happy to feel the elements without glass to stop the feeling of the wind, to hide the stunning beauty all around. After a short way on a little boat, almost alone on board, I reached Sydradalur's harbor, on Kalsoy the pearl of Faroe.

Faroe Islands BW22.jpg

Every morning, I tried to find the best experience to live on Faroe. More intense there'll be, more unforgettable there'll be. 

Often, it's mean more difficult there is. It's like a mantra in life. Always seeking to reach farest goal, top of the highest pass, walking or cycling from dawn to dusk. Feeling my body and my soul full of experience and beauty. Faroe offers all of that to me. You just have to get enough of energy and go. Today doesn't exist. That's exactly what I'm thinking when I reached the lighthouse of Kallur, the Northeast point on Kalsoy after a long walk. The Ocean was one meter from my feet, above a prodigious cliff, as often here. Live on the edge of life. One wrong step and you'll fall and die. Life in his keen form. 

Faroe Islands BW25.jpg
Faroe Islands BW26.jpg

Before living Faroe, I wanted to go on one of the remotes island of the archipelago : Fugloy.

From Klaksvik, you have to take a bus, then a boat to Svinoy & Fugloy. 

In March, there's no tourist. Except the crew, I was alone. Adventure is really starting from this moment. To come back on Bordoy, there's only one boat. When the captain leave me on the harbor, into a strong wind, he told me the time when he come back. I heard but I was not sure. If I missed the boat, I'll stay alone without nothing to eat or a place to sleep.

I felt the loneliness and starting to walk. I saw the untouched nature, sheep, birds & white hares. They was curious about me and not really afraid. From the top of Fugloy, you can see the other islands, the ocean and the cliffs everywhere with the feeling to be alone on Earth.

I waited a long time in the tiny harbor of the island, peering the horizon to see the only way to come back at home, far away from the bad weather I've had. Secondes was like minutes and minutes was like hours. After a very long time (for me), a teeny point on the ocean appear and seem to be getting closer. He was lost into the strong waves. Is it coming here ? 

When the boat accosted, I feel relieved. Even if on the way back, I returned the breakfast, that's nothing compare to this wonderful day.

The day after, the plane leave the ground. After many trip in Himalaya, I was happy to be able to be amazed by the planet. Now I know that paradise exist. 

For sure, I'll be back.

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