Christophe TATTU

Christophe had to travel more than 15,000 km by bicycle through the Himalayas to understand the importance of photography.

It's here, at the heart of the highest mountain range in the world, that he refined his look at existence, the way he look today at the people he meet.

His passion for wedding photography was born over the course of experiences, over the course of life. It's based on emotion and everything that wedding symbolizes for him - life, love, commitment & happiness.


Aurore Arduini

Aurore started photography in 2018.

His approach favors above all the natural. His discretion during the shooting sessions is his main asset. She'll bring out in pictures what you really are.

Partners in work as in life, we can work together on your marriage. Two photographers is two different views of your great Day. A man's look and a woman's look.

The assurance that nothing will be left out during your celebration.

Main references

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